Are you curious about sustainable entrepreneurship? Are you already an entrepreneur, but would like to think about sustainability in your company? With simple tools, we will show you how to move from linear to circular economy and set in motion sustainably.

Readers say…

”In my opinion this book gives entrepreneurs but also any other person meaningful impulses for prioritizing their (personal) values, rethinking their actions and considering the big picture. After reading this book I have gained an extra amount of drive and motivation to contribute to a more sustainable and social economy as well as personal development. I would recommend this book to anyone, regardless of their entrepreneurial intentions.” Charlotte Edzard, Innovation Coach, Digilogic Community EU-Africa”
Charlotte Edzard
Innovation Coach, Digilogic Community EU-Africa
“The book is super easy to read, it takes no time and would definitely recommend it. The inphographics are simple but very beautiul and engaging. I really enjoy them. I LOVE the part of “a few tips on the way” – it encourages the reader. I am happy that in the part “From Guess to Knowledge” you are addressing the importance of different perceptions. It is so fundamental! I am very excited that there are excercises thoughout the book, it is a great way to put knowledge
into practise.” Giulia Marchetti, Co-founder, Connecting Grounds

Giulia Marchetti
Co-founder, Connecting Grounds

Fewer hero myths, more nuances 

We want to challenge the image of the entrepreneur as a hero figure with a brilliant idea, who works 100 hours a week and sleeps on a mattress in the basement until the company is successful, and then sold off to the highest bidding investor. 

We believe that it is necessary to challenge the notion of who can become an entrepreneur, what it takes to become an entrepreneur and what successful entrepreneurship is and can be. 

We want to encourage everyone to rethink entrepreneurship as an essential personal and professional competency. Entrepreneurship is about putting things into motion. It is about doing something. About learning through experience and about failing in several, different ways. It is about finding your own way. And about defining what success is to you. 

This book is both a guide to entrepreneurship as a competency, and a toolkit that will guide and help you to actively develop your business towards becoming a sustainable business that balances the triple bottom line. 

Why an iceberg? 

There is a lot of focus on the visible aspects of entrepreneurship. The idea itself (the product or the service) and the personal characteristics that the entrepreneur chooses to display to the public. However, it is our experience that it is everything invisible that is crucial to your success as an entrepreneur: Your personal development, your team and everything that lies behind the execution of the idea, which rarely show on the surface. 

We chose to visualize the book’s narrative with an iceberg, which has also become a popular and easy-to-understand illustration of the impact of climate change and thus the burning platform that drives many entrepreneurs’ focus towards sustainability. 

Why we wrote this book. 

First of all, we want to share our insights from being advisors in sustainable business models, educators, and facilitators of entrepreneurship programs. We want to help everyone, who has an idea that they would like to test, those curious about what it means to be an entrepreneur and those of you, who have already started their business and are looking for sparring on how to get on with it. 

Sources of information

  • The Right It – Alberto Savoia